Utrecht University

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Utrecht University


This one of the biggest university of Europe situated in Utrecht, Netherlands. Founded in 1636, enrolled 29,082 students in 2008. Up to 2004 it has awarded 358 Ph.D. degrees. The university’s motto is “Sun of Justice, shine upon us.”


Shanghai Ranking of World Universities 2011 has ranked as the 18th best European university and 68th best university of the world. It is also the best university of the Netherlands by the Times Higher Education in 2011. The board of administration is consists of a President and a Rector.


Utrecht University was founded in 1636. In the beginning a little number of students attended classes at the university. There were seven professors working in four departments. One of the departments was philosophy, which was introductory education for all students. Three higher-level were departments of theology, medicine and law.

Utrecht University was expanded in the seventeenth century. At time Leiden University was a strong rival, so Utrecht University made further necessary improvements in it. For example a botanical garden was built on the grounds of Sonnenborgh Observatory, and after three years the Smeetoren built an astronomical observatory. The university attracted many students from abroad, especially from Germany, England and Scotland.

The university consists of seven faculties:

1- Faculty of Humanities

2- Department of Arts & Languages

3- Department of Theology

4- Department of Philosophy

5- Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences

6- Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance

7- Utrecht University School of Economics

There are three interfaculty units:

a) University College / Roosevelt Academy

b) Ethics Institute

c) Institute of Education

In the inner location of the city of Utrecht there are two large faculties of Humanities & law, whereas the other five which belongs mostly to administrative services are located in campus area, which is on the outer side of the city. University College is situated in the former Dutch military base.


The old city of Utrecht is a combination of old and modern culture, which is building a reputation of the university in the right path. As the reputation is growing day by day, the students are taking the decision to enroll themselves there. Surely the future students accepted the excellent academic quality of teaching and the high class research standards of the university. In comparison to other universities they prefer to enroll in Utrecht University.

In 2009 a large number of students remarked that Utrecht University has an excellent reputation. The reputation belongs to the growing popularity of choice of program as opposed to the attractiveness of the city.

Utrecht University proposed in September 2007 as following:

46 undergraduate bachelor programs in which three are taught in English.

196 graduate master programs of which 89 are taught in English, whereas the training programs for teachers will be taught in English & Dutch.

This is considered that Utrecht suggests the widest range of English-taught programs in the Netherlands. Finally, Utrecht rewards its international status each year. The university received 1900 international students from 125 different countries in 2007.

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