University Of Helsiniki

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The University of Helsinki is working in Helsinki Finland since 1829, but is established in 1640 in the city of Turku in the period of Swedish Empire as the Royal Academy of Turku. High range of discipline is available in this university which is surely the largest and oldest university of Finland. Near about 35,000 students has been given admission in degree programs. These students are in 11 faculties & 11 research institutes.

The university is using two language Finnish & Swedish in teaching, however English is adopted as third language for Master and Doctoral levels.

The university is keeping a high standard of teaching & research work. It is also member of many famous international university networks, like Europaeum, UNICA, the Utrecht Network


Cathedral School of Åbo was founded for educating boys but become under influence of Church in 1276. Queen Christina of Sweden laid the foundation stone of the university in 1640 in Turku. The junior year courses formed a grammar school, whereas the seniors formed the heart & soul of new university.

In 1809 when Finland was dominated by Russian Empire, the university was elaborated and heavy funds were given to it. The higher education was moved to Helsinki when a horrible fire exploded in Turku in 1827. The next year it was renamed as Imperial Alexander University of Finland on the name of its supporter& benefactor. The main function of the University was to give education to the civil servants of Grand Duchy.

After a short period the University became the center of culture, science, humanities and politics. In 19th Century the University became the focal point of liberal & cultural moments. The students of political parties expand their activities through various organizations. Scientific research also became the main feature of the University and created a specialization and formed the new boundaries of disciplines. As a result the Finland developed in scholarly knowledge and educated people. The students become the useful parts of the society and government.

In 1917 the Finland took a new turn in history by gaining her independence and become Republic of Finland. The university was renamed as University of Helsinki. After World War ll a welfare society was formed which promoted international relationship with the surrounding states. Hence develop its economical life.

Library Of The University:

The library of the Helsinki University was well flourished up to 20th century and its research scholars reached up to level of any European university. In numerable books, manuscripts, magazines, videos and maps have been shelves in the library. Original papers of the scholars managed to save here.

After World War II, the researchers of the university concentrated on the improvement of living conditions and supporting major & minor changes in the formation of society, sociology and business. The University also bestowed for the growth of latest & present day technology.

At present the University represents 11 faculties, 500 professors and nearly 40,000 students. The University has targeted its goal to make its position & debuted as one of Europe’s topmost research universities.


The university is divided into 11 faculties. They are mentioned here in the official order:

Theology, Law, Medicine, Arts, Science, Pharmacy, Biosciences, Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences, Agriculture and Forestry, Veterinary Medicine.

The University of Helsinki manages a large number of master’s degree programs, taught totally in English.


The university is settled on 4 main campuses. Formally, the complete university situated in the central area of Helsinki, but due to the growth of the university premises have been built and developed in many areas.

Student Union:

The student’s union is consist of 32,000 members and was established in 1868. It is undoubtedly the richest student union in the world. Its assets have been risen up to hundred million euros. The union has also a big property at the central area of Helsinki. This union supplies extra activities to students which are apart from the academic activities.

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