University Of Bristol

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university of bristolHistory Of Bristol University:

In 1595 a technical college was formed, later it became the Engineering faculty of Bristol University. Afterward a Medical school was founded in 1876, in which only 99 students attended the first class. When University College was founded in 1876, the support from Government started in 1889.

Due to weak financial position the University applied for Royal Charter. The Royal Charter was given in 1909. In this way the University started it academic activities with 288 undergraduates & other 400 students. The first chancellor of the University was Henry Overton. With a regulation the university gave permission to women to take admission on the same basis as of men, but they were not allowed to take examination in medicine unit until 1906. In the beginning the University have not any campus but spread in a vast area. The students carry out their activities in the city area which was called “University Precinct”.

Early Years:

In 1921 Paul Dirac was graduated in engineering. For his remarkable work in quantum mechanics, he was awarded Nobel Prize in 1933. During World War II, the Wills Memorial was destroyed after bombardment. It is rebuilt with oak paneled walls afterwards.

Post-War Development:

A drama department was founded for the entertainment of students as well as people in 1946. The number of students was increasing day by day in University. Many undergraduate living buildings were expanded and large number has been built for postgraduates.

In 1981, one of the remarkable centers for Deaf Studies was founded in Bristol. Quantum information & Nanoscience was opened in 2009 at the center of University for science students. The building is constructed by self-cleaning glass. It is included in the program of University to develop the center more in the near future. In 2011 the University started the construction of a state-of-art Life Science building.


With its remarkable facilities and wonderful location Bristol University ranked as top ten universities in U.K. The world University ranking it is placed as 30th overall in the world, where as in 2007 The Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranked Bristol 62nd globally.

Union Of Students:

The union of students is to be known as the largest union building in the country. There is a student radio station that broadcast the educational programs and also an office of a news paper as well.

The students who show outstanding performance in games awarded ‘blues’ in Cambridge & Oxford, where as in Bristol the athletes awarded ‘reds.’

Halls Of Residence:

Wills Hall is on the far side of Clifton Downs, opened in 1929, by the Chancellor Winston Churchill. The hall is extended for two times.

Baddock Hall is constructed in 1964 and now it is the largest hall in the university. The new undergraduate residence hall is Durdham Hall which opened in 1994.

For organizing the halls social calendar for the coming year, the main halls elect groups of students.


Bristol awards a range of academic degrees spanning bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well as junior doctorates and higher doctorates.

The University Awards:

1- The Eng. D. in systems engineering               2- Engineering management

3- Aerospace engineering                                   4- Non-destructive evaluation

It should be noted that Bristol does not award any Bachelor’s degrees in music


The University is run by a Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and 3 pro-Chancellors. According to rules and regulations the Chancellor may sit in his office for up to 10 years and the Pro-Chancellors for up to 3, unless the University Court give him more limit, but the Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellors have no term limits. The nomination of Chancellor and Pro Chancellors are taken place by Council and appointed officially by Court.


You will be surprise to know that some of the buildings of Bristol have been constructed before giving charter. These buildings were designed by Charles Hansom, the famous architecture. The contribution of George Oatley is the addition of a tower in the memory of Albert Fry. It can be viewed from the road. Many departments in the faculty of arts are put up in Victorian houses which have been converted for teaching.


The Bristol University has a distinguished academic dress and logo. It has coat of arms to correspond itself.

Academic Dress:

The academic dress of Bristol reflects the shades and style of Cambridge & Oxford, because it uses Cambridge-style hoods and Oxford-style gowns.

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