Top Universities In New Zealand

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New Zealand is considered to be best place or destination for providing world class and best education for international students. Students all over the world will find the best and excellent courses of the top universities in New Zealand. As every person knows that New Zealand is renowned and famous for fascinating different locations, beautiful landscapes, the place of buzzing cafes, various restaurants and clubs has also made a mark in the field of education. The major cities of New Zealand that attract the attention of international students in the field of education are wellington, Christchurch and Auckland. The top and best universities of New Zealand are as follows:

1.   Victoria University of wellington.

2.   University of Auckland.

3.   University of Canterbury.

4.   Lincoln University.

5.   Massey University.

6.   University of otago.

7.   University of Waikato.

Victoria University of wellington was established in 1897 and it was named after Queen Victoria. This university offers various courses for the students such as law, science, commerce, business, engineering, social science and humanities. Highly qualified and professional staff teaches the students and boost their skills.

Top Universities In New ZealandMoreover, university of Canterbury was founded in 1873 in the Christchurch. This university is considered to be the top university in New Zealand because of advance research and development centers and motivational faculties. This university offers education almost 20,000 domestic students and 2000 to foreign students. This university offers a wide variety of courses such as law, education, science, business, commerce and engineering. In this year, university also offers new courses such as master in information studies and bachelor in urban and regional planning for the students. Students also learn an effective communication skills and abilities of problem solving from this university. Moreover, university also offers various scholarships for the international students.

If student want to study in New Zealand, student should prefer university of Auckland because it is the biggest university in New Zealand and about 38000 students are studying in this university. There are about 4000 international students getting education from this university in different courses like science, arts, business administration, biochemistry and health sciences. Studying in New Zealand can be beneficial and fruitful for all the students because these universities offer different types of scholarships. International students can avail at least 28 scholarships annually. The most important and prominent scholarships are livestock emission and Abatement Research Network scholarships and new Zealand International Doctor Research Scholarship.

New Zealand has maintained and continue its reputation regarding education and meets with the international standards of the education. It is considered to be the world class and best place and providing excellent and best place of training for the students. There are various government and private scholarships offered for the students. On the whole after discussing the top universities in New Zealand it is easy to conclude that top and best universities have earned a very good reputation around the world. So students should pack their bags and get ready to land in the best place of education.

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