Top Universities in Italy

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Top Universities in ItalyIn this competitive world, students should consider as an honour and privilege when he/she gets an admission in any university of Italy. As far as living environment is concerned it is very safe and secure and it attracts the attention of many students around the world. There are various interesting courses offered by the top universities in italic such as social sciences, catering, hotel management, legal studies, history, political science, international affairs and different interesting courses related to fashion, art and cooking. Bocconi University is considered to be the one of the best university in Italy. Students should do a thorough research related to courses and programs offered by the university before getting admission in any university. As far as an eligibility criterion is concerned for the students it will be different for the graduate degree and post graduate program. Students should clear an entrance test for getting admission. Students should get pretty excellent score in admission tests because there is a lot of competition among millions of students who want to get admission into the best and reputed universities of Italy. There are various top universities in Italy such as Bocconi University, University for foreigners and University of Rome. These universities are very famous, reputable and renowned all over the world. Bocconi University was established in 1902 and it is situated in Milan. This institution offers different courses for bachelor’s degree such as economics, accounting, finance and management. Moreover, students can also get masters degree in various courses like social sciences, economics, and management, marketing and international management. Another important and best university in Italy is University for Foreigners and it is located in Perugia. This university also offers bachelors degree and master’s degree for the students. There are various courses offered in bachelors degree are biochemistry, biotechnology, business administration and sports science. Dedicated and brilliant students can select different courses in master’s degree such as law, dentistry, business administration, biochemistry and veterinary medicine. Furthermore, lastly important top university is University of Rome and it was established in 1998. It is located in River Tiber. This university offer various facilities for the students such as swimming pools, stadium and tennis courts. Another important or significant feature of this university is that students can also get PHD degree form this university in different courses like social sciences and microbiology and mass communication. This university offers different courses in bachelors program such as chemistry, commerce, business, computer science, biology, mathematics, economics and biochemistry.

On the whole after discussing different universities in Italy it is easy to conclude that universities are considered to be independent and international universities around the globe. For all those students who want to study abroad and achieve higher qualification they should get admission in these universities. These best and top universities in Italy offer incredible and excellent educational facilities to the students. It’s the dream and wish of every student to get admission in these universities and get the best and reputed degree.

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