Top Universities in France

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There are various honest reasons that show why students prefer to go abroad for higher studies or education. In this modern world, France is of the best and aspiring destination where international students have dream or desire to continue their academic career. France is definitely a best and great country because people are very welcoming and open minded. France holds a great importance or significance in the modern world because of incredible contributions in the different fields of arts, science, politics, trade, fashion and economics. According to the survey that more than 2,40,000 students all over the world visit France in order to take admission in several popular courses such as arts, management, political science and humanities. Here we will discuss information of some top universities in France so it will be easy and convenient for students to study any of these universities. The top and best universities in France are as follows:

1.   Artois University

2.   Blaise Pascal University

3.   Cergy- Pontoise University

Artois University was established in 1992 and it has 10 different campuses. More than 15000 students are studying multiple subjects and pursue different courses. Moreover, this university also has 15 research centers approved by the government. International students can get masters degree in different courses such as law, biology, management, mathematics and economics.

Blaise Pascal University is a public university and this university is named after the best and great mathematician and scientist Blaise Pascal. Blaise Pascal University offer masters degree in different subjects or courses like human resources, food science, international business, and business software and radiation technology.

Top Universities in FranceCergy- Pontoise University was established in 1991 and this university has 22 research centers. This reputed and renowned university assigns an individual teacher for every 25 students and 1800 computers are arranged in 95 computer rooms along with internet facility. Furthermore, international students can get bachelors degree in science and technology and master’s degree in mathematics, finance, business, and L.L.M and taxation law.

On the whole France is famous and recognized for its best and quality education in the fields of arts and sciences. These best and top universities enrolled 1.6 million students all over the world. Apart from these universities, France also has 250 engineering schools. Each school has its own features or specialities. Every school has different application process and requirements. Before getting admission into these universities, students should do a thorough research with the help of internet. International students can also work in France if they have residency permit. French law allows international students to work almost 19.5 per week during the academic session. There are various job prospects offered for those students who achieve degrees from these universities. There are immense progress and growth opportunities for those students who are studying in these universities. So for those students who want to get higher education in France they should pack their bags and start getting information related to universities. Because these universities not only brighten the future of students but also polish their skills and capabilities.

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