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University Of Manchester


In 1752 when Charles White laid the foundation of a modern hospital in Manchester, the medical teaching started in that area. After that, in 1814 Joseph Jordan opened a School of Anatomy. Up to that time many private medical teaching colleges were running, but to give strength they merge in the Manchester school of medicine and surgery. In this way in 1874, Thomas Huxley opened the school of medicine officially. He was follower and explanatory of Darwin’s theory of evolution. After some time it became the University of Manchester.

Degree awarded

In 1883 when the University became very much popular and its teaching and laboratory space was expanded, it was decided that the medical and surgical degrees will be awarded to the successful students. In the following decades, it was planed to expand the Manchester royal hospital; hence many departments were opened, very near to the University. In 1904 the degree of graduation given to the School’s first female medical student, Dr Catherine Chisholm.

Further expansion

Another expansion was started in 1950 and many clinical departments were opened under Lord Stopford. In 1973 the new School of Medicine, in the Stopford building, was opened and given admission to 200 medical, 60 dental, and 20 nursing students. Further more 75 medical students from the University of St Andrews taken into the clinical years, Manchester had become one of the largest medical schools in the world.

New developments

Problem-base learning procedure for medical education was a new idea which started in 1994. In 21st century this developed the key skills required by doctors. The procedure helped the medical students to promote the abilities to question, to absorb and to explain the information. The procedure was adopted for communicating their views and ideas impressively and affectionately to the patients.

Medical school museum

The museum always shows and explains the history; make the atmosphere sober and literary. For the purpose display cabinets in the entrance foyer were arranged on the first floor of the Stopford Building in 1973. The museum is a part of the University of Manchester Medical School. This is a collection of medical instruments which reflects the history. The exhibits on display are just the part of a jumbo, whereas the rest of the collection includes innumerable items, which are kept in stores under tight security.

Our mission

Certainly the museum has an aim and objective. This exhibits the past and conserves anything relevant to the practice of medicine, nursing and pharmacy. Basically it is a teaching resource which makes a student to understand the history of health, disease and medicine.

This is a big collection of instruments, nursing equipment and various apparatus. In this collection pathological and anatomical specimens are not included. They are kept in another department, which is near to it. Hence if any student is keen to know the history and want to see the instrument which the surgeons used in past may come to this museum and make a guideline for them.

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