Newcastle University

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Newcastle University


Originally the university was School of Medicine and Surgery. It was founded in October 1834 in Newcastle. In the beginning the school provided lectures and practical to the students, who were 26 in total. In June 1851 the school was divided into two institutions.

1.         Newcastle College of Medicine.

2.         Newcastle College of Medicine & Practical Science.

In 1963 according to an act of Parliament the two colleges were separated and created the University of Newcastle at the location of Tyne.


The university campus is situated in central Newcastle situate in Tyne. The oldest building of campus is called Armstrong, which was build up in three wings. They constructed as follows:

1. North east wing completed in November 1888 and was opened by HRH princes Louise.

2. The south-east wing consists of Jubilee Tower & south west wing were opened in 1894.

3. The main entrance was completed in 1906 have two stone figures and represents arts & science.

The entrance & the three wings of the building constructed in such an elegant way that its architects won awards for their skilful work.

In March 2008 plans were made for extension of campus. It was made for public afterward and completed in 2010.

Newcastle University Library is consists of three main facilities:

1.         The Robinson Library (completed in 2009).

2.         The Walton Library. (For Bio-medical Science)

3.         The Law Library (For providing material on law)


Chancellor of the university is Sir Liam Donaldson & the vice-chancellor is Chris Brink. 19,700 students are getting education in this university including 2,000 students from overseas. From January 2007 the University was given a fair trade status, it became a smoke-free campus. In September 2008 the university started its first overseas branch in Singapore, while the students intended to open a campus in Malaysia also.

Faculties and schools

Basically the University is running three faculties. A Pro-vice chancellor is the head of these faculties. These faculties are of Humanities & Social Sciences.

The schools are follows:

1.         School of Architecture, Planning & Landscape.

2.         School of Arts & Cultures.

3.         School of Education, Communication & Language Sciences.

4.         School of English Literature.

5.         School of Geography, Politics & Sociology and so many others.

Business School

Newcastle University Business School founded the Business Accounting & Finance degree in collaboration with the ICAEW and PricewaterhouseCoopers in 2002.

Law School

Newcastle Law School is the oldest running law school in the north-east of England. It runs by a number of renowned international and national experts providing the legal scholarship beginning from Common and Chancery law, to International and European law.

Museums and galleries

The University is working with different region’s galleries & museums including North Museum project, which based at Hancock Museum. Hancock has collections from two of the other museums of University:

1.         The Shefton Museum.

2.         The Museum of Antiquities.

Reputation and rankings

Sunday Times honored every year various awards. The university won the award for 2000 and is ranked 9th best in the UK.

Student life

There are many students’ organizations of the university. Newcastle University Union Society is the students’ union, which arranges sports clubs and societies. The name of weekly student newspaper is Courier which started in 1948. The readership of the newspaper is about 12000. It is published every week, usually on   Monday during term period.

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