Massachusetts College Of Art & Design

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History And Introduction:

Massachusetts College of Art & Design is the arts school which is established in 1873. It is founded by public funds and also known as Mass Art which grant artistic degree.


You will be surprise to learn that Massachusetts College of Art and Design is the top arts colleges of USA. The famous magazine Business weed has ranked Mass Art as one of the top global design schools. The school offers Bachelor degrees in following subjects:Massachusetts College Of Art & Design

1.         Bachelor degree in fine arts

2.         Master of science in art education

3.         Master of fine arts

4.         Master of architecture


Mass Art is situated near Museum of fine arts, Boston Harvard Medical School and consists of a number of buildings.

Residence Halls:

The college campus consists of two residence halls. One is Smith hall houses for only fresh students and is situated across the street from Kennedy building

The campus includes two residence halls. Smith Hall houses only freshman and is situated across the street of Kennedy building of Mass Art. Second is Artists’ Residence house which is also for new students and is situated across the street from the Tower Building.

Mass Art has reserved its’ two floors for school of the Museum of fine arts, Boston students. It is design especially for the students of house art, accommodated with a studio and a spray room on the top floor. The college is also planning for an extra residence hall which is probably opening in the beginning of 2012.


Mass Art is consists of six buildings which are linked together. Their names are Kennedy, South, North, East, Collins and Tower. In the middle of South, North, East and Collins there is a confined courtyard. Tower Building is overlooking the campus and is decorated with a dark glass in front portion.


In total there are 9 galleries on campus that are reserved for students’ activities, like shows and exhibitions. One could remember their names as follows:

1.         Arnheim Gallery

2.         Brant Gallery

3.         Bakalar

4.         Paine Galleries

5.         President’s Gallery

6.         Tower Gallery

7.         Student Life Gallery

8.         Doran Gallery

9.         Godine Family Gallery

The above said galleries are free to public and are setting up fresh exhibition for public and as well as for media. For so many years, the Exhibitions and Visiting Artists Program has full-blown into one of the area’s most prestigious presenters, systematically ranked top ten in the year by The Boston Globe.


The students of Mass Art have so many facilities provided in various colleges including a cafeteria, school store, student center, library, auditorium, fitness center, computer labs, art galleries and squash courts.


Students can play intercollegiate athletics on the Emerson College teams. A girl & boys basketball team has been formed under the name Mastodons in the academic year of   2008-2009. The Mastodons is arranging games with several other art schools like Boston & New York City. The teams’ first game played against RISD on 15 November.

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