California College of the Arts

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The California College of the Arts is one of the outstanding private art and design institutes in the academic world. It was established in 1907. It is renowned for its discipline programs in arts, architecture, design and writing. The college has two campuses, one is in Oakland and the while the other is in San Francisco, USA.

The college offers the students for:

1-         Bachelor of arts

2-         Bachelor of fine arts

3-         Master of architecture

4-         Master of business administration

5-         Master of Arts

6-         Master of fine arts

Talk about art and lectures arranged every day in both campuses.

The students who took admission in this college gain a vast practical experience and professional relationship with the other arts institutes and organizations, at the same time they gain academic qualifications.  The college promotes the intelligence of his students by exhibitions of their work and by introducing them with the other communities all over the world.

California College of the ArtsThere is an opportunity for those students who have qualified from the college can study for a semester at any one of 32 other arts schools in USA.


This college was established in 1907 Frederick Meyer. First site of this famous school was Studio Building on Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley. It was renamed in 1908 and was moved to the corner of Oxford Street in Berkeley. In 1922 this school moved to a permanent campus in Oakland and is still there. In 2003 the school changed its name and become California College of Arts.


Bloomberg Business week admits CCA as one of “The Best Design Schools in the World.

Oakland Campus

The campus which is situated at the corner of Broadway has two buildings. It offers the students the following programs:

1.         Animation

2.         Jewelry

3.         Glass

4.         Ceramics

5.         Sculpture

6.         Textiles

7.           Writing and Literature.

San Francisco Campus

The San Francisco Campus offers his students the following programs:

1.         Painting & Drawing

2.         Graphic Design

3.         Fashion Design

4.         Furniture

5.         Architecture

Residential Life

The college provides one year residence to his students, which is sound and secure and protective.

Campus Shuttle

The college provides his students a shuttle service which is available from Monday to Friday which runs between the two campuses.

Public Transportation

The municipal transportation bus line is providing a service to the each campus.

Parking Policy

The public parking near Oakland campus is very limited, so the residential students are not allowed to bring their cars and motorcycles to the college. It is the attitude of college that public transport is available for both the campus, so it is not necessary for the students to bring their vehicle.

Responsibilities of Students

If you are a student of college, then you are responsible for your own activities. You are responsible for your success in higher education. It you are feeling any difficulty in accommodation then you have to consult with your instructors, they will solve your problem. Furthermore if you are feeling any difficulty in your class, you go to your instructors.

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