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Foundation of university

Brown University is a private university located in Rhode Island, USA laid the foundation in 1764, before the American independence from the British Empire as a college. Furthermore construction was held in 1834. The college was founded by a businessmen family. The family collected funds for the college. A library was opened named after the John Carter Brown & his son in 1904.

The founder permitted to admit women when it was established as Women’s College in Brown University in 1891, whose name was changed as Pembroke College of Brown University. In 1971 this College became co-educational when combined with Pembroke College.

Brown college was consists of:

1-         The College

2-         Graduate School

3-         Alpert Medical School

4-         The School of Engineering

In 1971, Brown College of women was combined with the university. While Brown is considered a small research university with 2,000 graduate students, five of its professors and two of its graduates have been rewarded as Nobel Laureates.

Brown’s main campus is situated on College Hill on the East Side of Rhode Island. Several of the buildings on the Brown campus have been founded in 18th century, which gives a look of the Georgian style of American colonial epoch.

The athletic teams of the university, which are 37 in total, are known as Brown Bears. The colors of the team are seal brown, cardinal red, and white.

The first permanent female president of the university Ruth J. Simmons is rendering her services since 2001as 18th president of the university. She is also the first African American and second female president of an Ivy League educational institution.

Secret societies

In mid-18th century some literary clubs have been formed which were converted in secret societies. These clubs arrange interesting debates among their members. These clubs when derailed, banded in 1770.

The remaining clubs which still running, have a disputation for their activities. One organization which is Pacifica House links his relationship with the early secret societies.

Van Wickle Gates

There is an interesting story about Van Wickle Gates. They were installed in 1901, which is a pair of center gates and smaller gate on each side. The side gates opened for coming and going of students whole the year, but the center gates closed on two occasions, 1- during convocation, they opened inwardly and welcome the students to come in for admission. 2- When the second semester comes to an end the gates are opened outwardly, for the announcement that the students who has passed can’t come again for graduation.

The band of the university celebrates his tradition by marching in the yearly procession, while the undergraduate members walk through the gates backwards.

Weekend of the spring

During World War II, the Brown University made a break in Junior Week & Junior Prom; it has been started again in 1950. In the weekends of spring, dances & athletic contests are held as tradition.

Alma Mater

On formal events like convocation & commencement, the famous song Alma Mater (written by James Andrews DeWolf in 1860) is sung and played. They also played on athletic victories.

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